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Trains and Scary Holes, From Jibidi to the Jiffy Mixer, From Tens to Teens and Adults:these are the CDs for the immensely popular New Wave folkdancing collection.  These international easily learnt dances, ranging from ancient to modern, are presented by Rae Storey, who gives workshops for teachers throughout New Zealand - and overseas when invited. 


New Wave Folkdancing: 

A collection of 76 dances presented in a book, DVD, and three CDs of music. Click here for the price list.

New Wave Folkdancing for Under-Fives:

Cheers! (41k) 

23 dances specially selected from the New Wave repertoire, with an approach that serves the pleasures and development of children at 3 and 4 years old.  Book with a music CD. If a DVD is required, buy the school DVD. Click here for the price list.

Children's Singing Dances of Other Cultures:

Dances of the Caribbean and Mediterranean for children between 4 and 10 years old.

Book with a music CD.

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    Rae Storey
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    Last updated: 18 July, 2015