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The New Wave folkdance resource set is for dancing with children and teenagers. It is also fun for adult-beginner groups who will find about 40 useful dances - including "classics".

The collection includes dances that have been popular for over 2,000 years, and some that are thoroughly modern. While many of the 76 dances are British, Western European, Israeli, and American, other cultures are represented.  Some of the dances for the tinies are enchanting pieces that have been specially created for them.

Appeals: Most of the dances are very lively, and there are dances for other moods: scary, gentle, sleepy....  There are animal dances, dances with jumping, clapping, singing, a train dance, a grape-squashing dance, and plenty of laughter.  Among the dances included for the older age-group are rumbustious partner dances. For the younger set most of the dances are in lines, circles, or free formation. 

Boys:  Even the reluctant big boys find it all "neat fun!" There are six men's dances (included for everyone!).  "No more Keep-Fit, Miss! From now on, we're gonna dance New Wave!" That 10-year-old South Auckland boy expressed the glee discovered by children and teachers in many hundreds of NZ schools.

Easy teaching: Teachers find these dances notably quick and easy to teach.  Some dances can very enjoyably be learnt by stages, and progressions from one dance to another are pointed out in the book.  Any important teaching point is also noted. These resources are specially designed for busy teachers. 

Teenage youth groups and all-boys schools will find plenty of vigorous fun and useful learning, with wide choice: dances popular as bush-dancing, Israeli and Eastern European styles, and athletic items such as the Filipino pole-leaping dance "Tinikling". 

Going on camp?  Look at your DVD and choose some dances!


The main set is designed for use with everyone from 5 years to adult.

  • The book contains everything - all the dances and teacher notes.

  • The DVD carries nearly all the dances - both Junior and Senior.

  • Music is on 3 CDs, sorted by age-relevance.

    • CD#A is of special interest to Juniors, but not older children
    • CD#B is needed for all ages
    • CD#C dances are not needed for the youngest children.

The DVDs make assessment, choice, and learning easy - and even easier if the children are given access to them.  Teachers can find children practising "their" dance in the playground, eager to teach it to the rest of the class.  61 of the 76 dances are shown on the DVDs.

For children 3 and 4 years old buy New Wave Folkdancing for Under-Fives. Though the dances are basically a special selection from the main set, the handling of them is special for that age range.  The book gives a helpful Introduction and notes for the teacher.

This dancing and music is greatly loved: "We dance every day!" teachers report. 

This is an excitingly valuable resource for Early Childhood Centres.

It gives a rich community activity that has educational benefits for the children ranging from language and spatial maths, through recognition of simple abstract structures, to active purposeful listening habits (vital preparation for learning to read).  Perhaps most valuable of all is picking up the pleasure small children have in moving to music, and developing that love, along with basic dance skills.  School should continue the process.  We hope these children will grow up with dancing available to them lifelong for recreation, stress-release and social life.

This set has a book and music on one CD.

The school DVD shows 18 of the 25 dances.

Another set of traditional dance-games and music with some special appeals, for children 4-10 years, is Children's Singing Dances of Other Cultures - cultures of the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

One item is "Luna cu Solo", which is "Oranges and Lemons" with lilting Caribbean music.  Another is "Kacherak", which gives exciting Croatian music for improvising and copying.

The book gives 19 dances, with song scores and words, and translation.  Music is on CD. 

Last updated: 18 July 2015