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Rae Storey (35k)

Hi! I'm Rae Storey of Auckland, New Zealand.

I'm a fulltime folk dance worker: teacher, teacher-trainer, publisher. 

My weekly programme includes three adult recreational IFD classes, and a morning with La Bourrée, a merry all-women ensemble. Sometimes we are rehearsing French regional dances for performance; mostly we are in school halls romping with a hundred or more children through dances from IFD collections which I publish (New Wave Folkdancing - books, DVDs, and music on CD). 

By invitation I train school and pre-school teachers throughout the country in the New Wave popular repertoire and state-of-the-art teaching methods. 

My approach:  I use a range of useful teaching methods, but basically the lively New Wave philosophy of learning with the music, learning by doing, building the dance. The music and the dance must appeal to the dancers, or we leave it.  It must become "theirs". We are folk, enjoying heritage, treasures, connexions, and often exultant human expression. The focus is on rich active fun, and sharing together in it.

I also have two performance ensembles: a children's maypole dancing team and La Bourrée French Regional Dancers.



Other involvements: the Ruritanian IFD Club locally, Folk Dance New Zealand nationally and the promotion of adult folk dancing nationwide.

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Rae Storey
24a Dell Ave, Remuera, Auckland 1050
Ph: (64-9) 524-9504

Last updated: 15 August, 2015